Yoshu fukushu maximum the hormone

女ですが、デスボイスでマキシマムザホルモンの爪爪爪歌ってみた!. Стиль: Nu Metal / Hardcore Треклист: 01. 予襲復讐 02. 鬱くしきOP ~月の爆撃機~ 03. 鬱くしき人々のうた 04. 便所サンダル. Maximum the Hormone was formed in 1998 by vocalist Daisuke-han and drummer Nao. After recruiting guitarist Key and bassist Sugi, and having played some regional shows. Tsume Tsume Tsume/F Single by Maximum the Hormone; from the album Yoshu Fukushu; Released: July 9, 2008: Genre: Metalcore, alternative metal: Length: 10: 13: Label. No limitations. Put your favorite Japanese rock band here and vote for them. Rock/punk, Rock/Pop, Rock/Visual Kei and similar genres are accepted.